ORIGIN’S 2020 – 2021 SEASON

Due to Covid-19 Origin Theatre Company has taken our work online. We would like to thank the artists who have shared their stories and insights in our new program “The Origin of …” Series. We hope you enjoy it!

A note from Artistic Director George Heslin:

Dear Origin Theatre Community,

Forced out of necessity to adapt our role as a bridge to European culture, we have found inspiration and even hope in the last number of months. The massive challenges of the worldwide pandemic and profound social unrest are asking us to reconceive our production models in order to continue to produce new work with positive cultural impact.  And yet this opportunity, and the good will and friendship we receive from our partners in New York and across the Atlantic, are inspiring us to start working diligently toward a new season – 2020-21 — of which we can all be proud.

As we share our plans we hope you will be inspired to make a tax deductible gift to support Origin’s programs.

Our goal is to devise a season that leverages many of our existing creative assets and programming strands (like Origin 1st Irish and the European Month of Culture NYC). Our new production models will combine live and digital techniques in ways we have never tried. We are inspired by the collateral benefit of growing our audience beyond New York with surprising results. Always following CDC, city and state guidelines we will emphasize innovative, distance-safe audience experiences.

Please do read on to see a digest of our season. I hope you are inspired by our plans and will support us in any way you can… creatively or financially.   Because of the new initiatives we are already seeding, we hope that many, many more artists and theatre lovers around the world will want to get involved by contributing even small amounts in the coming weeks.

Thank you for joining us as we set our sights on the way of the present!

*George C. Heslin*
Artistic Director
Origin Theatre Company



We are excited to announce a monologue series on the topic of “Domestic Violence During Covid,” written by distinguished contemporary writers in New York and London. Staged site-specifically in apartments with actors, and filmed to heighten immediacy, the writers under commission are Geraldine Aron and Ursula RaniSarma in London – Honor Molloy* and Derek Murphy in New York.


We are excited to announce “The Origin Of… Series,” featuring intimate one-on-one conversations with notable theatre artists around the world, as well as panel discussions devoted to new voices that capture the perspectives of young creatives across the globe who are adapting to circumstances in order to find new inspiration.

ORIGIN ON THE RADIO — A New Partnership

Origin has been invited to the European airwaves in a new partnership with Trafika Europe. Our programs will focus on European literature, theatre and performance.

ORIGIN’S 7TH BLOOM @ Blooms Tavern of course!

On June 16th Origin will continue the tradition of presenting New York’s only Bloomsday Breakfast… off-site this year.  In a unique, semi-live online production incorporating musical interludes and heartfelt messages from around the world, this year actors will deliver filmed dramatic readings of “Ulysses” in a variety of locations here and abroad. Stay tuned for upcoming teaser announcements about our broadcast!


We are reconceiving our approach to our Mainstage production in the fall, by presenting a distance-safe staging of the timely and riveting docu-play “A Kid Like Rishi” — for a micro-audience hosted with our partners at the cell theatre on 23rd Street. Our aim is to incorporate digital film techniques so that it will be experienced simultaneously by live, remote and at-home audiences.  These new circumstances will give new meaning to the concept of the American premiere.


Since travel to and from New York will be limited, Origin will stage a festival without borders that is trans-Atlantic in the truest sense. Origin will commission up to 50 playwrights from its extensive list of Irish writers to write short plays on the topic the “Irish-American Experience.” We look forward to announcing, in the coming months, our full list of playwrights and the innovative ways in which these new plays will be performed and shared during the 2021 Festival!


As difficult as it was announcing the cancellation of Origin’s European Month of Culture NYC in association with The Delegation of The European Union to the United States this May, we are comforted that the full program can be transferred to next year… the months of planning with our partners across the city and from Europe will not go to waste. To our partners, who are eager to celebrate with us next May, we say thank you!

Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to look at the overview of the plans we are embarking upon for this new season, under these remarkably challenging circumstances.

I do hope you will be inspired to make a tax deductible gift to support Origin’s mission and our programs.