About 1st Irish Festival

An important event that offers New York theatergoers fascinating new work!
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Dear Festival Friends

It is said of the Irish that gathering to commemorate and celebrate is built into our DNA.

As we gather to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Origin’s 1st Irish Festival, I look back at the vast array of artists, companies, national and international partnerships that have been nurtured under the banner of the festival.

Origin’s 1st Irish Festival gives our many cultural partners a chance to unite once per year as we present and showcase some of the finest and most vibrant voices from across Ireland both North and South.

Resources to create this work are as vital to every arts organization as the artists involved. We are once again delighted this year to welcome back our loyal sponsors, all of whom can be seen on our title page. I would like to welcome to the table our newest supporter, The Bank of Ireland. We are deeply grateful for their generous support.Thank you also to the government agencies who continue to believe in the value that culture plays in every aspect of life.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the staff at Origin Theatre Company and to our 14-member board of directors led by our Board chair, Carletta Downs.

Finally, thank you to our most important partner of all—our audience. Origin’s 1st Irish Festival continues to source, share, and create new ways to tell our ever-unfolding, rich,and diverse story because of your need to experience stimulating work.

I invite you to dive into our 11th anniversary offering

Kind regards,

George C. Heslin
Artistic Director
Origin Theatre Company