Origin (n): the point at which something comes into existence

Since 2002 Origin has been telling stories that stir the emotions and explore cultural identity from fresh new voices. In just under two decades Origin has established itself as the gateway to North America for Europe’s most respected award-winning playwrights.

We connect with international theatre makers, nurture the next generation of playwrights and launch the best of what Europe has to offer in New York. And we’re the ONLY theatre company in New York solely dedicated to producing American premieres from across the Atlantic – so YES, every play you see at Origin is being seen in America or New York for the very first time. Our productions continue to embody the spirit of adventure, and the critics have raved.

With the launch of our annual 1st Irish Festival in 2008, we’ve continued this mission, bringing even more new work to New York and promoting the talent of artists and theatre companies from throughout the United States and Ireland. The success of 1st Irish has exceeded our wildest dreams, presenting works by 250 Irish playwrights in its 11 years history.

As Irish President Mary McAleese has said of Origin , “a linguistic treat for the eye and ear.”